Sunday, December 6, 2009


shaun shuisam, u asshole, how in the hell do you miss a 23 yard field goal that would give you the win against the best team in the league. I really hate you, 3 straight weeks, 3 straight weeks we were the best team on the field, 3 straight weeks we dominate, 3 straight weeks all we need is you to make a play, and you shit all over my heart. This was the best games the SKINS have played in 3 years, and you just freakin say hey, i'm gonna take a masive dump on everyone that bleeds Burgandy and Gold. Agains dallas, we lose 7-6, u miss 2 field goals, against phily, u kick the ball out of bounds late in the game that led to the game winning touchdown, and today against the 11-0 saints, u shit all over me heart and soul, i really hate u man.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It is that time to start!!!

And by that I mean doing my NFL Draft reviews, starting in mid-December I am going to start previewing the players that I think the Redskins should look at by round. And I am going to start this week by just going over the players that I think would really help the Redskins next year. First off I want to focus on is the O-Line, it all depends on the status of Chris Samuels after the season is over. If he can play then i don't think we really need to focus on the line because we can simply move Levi Jones to the right side. But, if Chris is forced into retirement then I think we need to look at one of the top Left Tackles in the draft. Russell Okung will probably be off the board within the top 3 picks, so we will need to look hard at Bruce Campbell and Jason Fox. Fox really isn't in the talk of a first round pick right now, but I think a strong showing in his bowl game, the senior bowl and the NFL Combine, I think he will sky rocket into the talk of the best tackles in the draft. I also think that we need to look at QB, and really I don't see a top 10 QB in this draft class right now. Jimmy Clausen will be leaving since Charlie Weis was fired as Notre Dames Head Coach, but I still don't see him as a top 10 pick. Sam Bradfords Draft Ranking will depend solely on his Combine performance. And the sleeper here I think is Tony Pike, they say his arm doesn't transelate to the NFL, but he wins games, and has great leadership qualaties. I am still on the fence on Tim Tebow. Another person to keep an ear out for is Nathan Enderle, QB for the Idaho Vandals. He is over 6'5", and has a rocket for an arm. Now for the defense, I think we need to look at an OLB. Like I said in my last post, Orakpo is a true D-End, we need a SLB. And a Saftey to help Laron Landry, If Eric Berry some how falls to us, I think it will take Danny Boy less than the 13 seconds it took him to get the Orakpo pick in last year.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Lonely Feeling is Still Here

Well I am still hurting from this weekends lose to the Eagles. Another game that we had dominated on both sides of the ball, until it mattered most, the 4th quarter. I can't believe that you can go from literally giving up no yards passing the entire game, to ,on one drive, giving up 90 yards on 5 plays. Why would you play the prevent defense so early in the 4th quarter, or even at all. The prevent defense does one thing for you, prevents you from winning. These last two games, even though loses, give me hope for next year. The Redskins are clearly only a few pieces away from being a contender again. The number one thing they need is a good GM. We need a real football guy calling the shots, why do we need to spend $150 million, on 3 players when you can spend the same amount of money on 7-8 players, we need good players, not one great one. The next thing we need is a run based Head Coach. We have 3 good running backs, I think that Bill Cowher needs to be on the top of our lidt, and if not him, bring in the original "HOG", Russ Grimm to lead this team. You know one thig, if he is our head coach, we will definitely be a hard nosed team. Then we need a Right tackle to protect who ever our quarterback is. If we draft a QB this year, we need a O-Line that can help his progress, not ruin it. Then we need a QB, I don't care who it is, at this point it is not Jason Campbell, but if he plays like he has these last two and a half games, the rest of the season he should be the QB next year, no matter what are final record is. And I don't know how people will take this, but I really think we need a SLB. We need to put Orakpo on the line, let him do what he does best every play. Yes he has showed some promise these last couple games, but come on, if we can get a Brandon Spikes, or a Travis Lewis in the draft, do it. Yeah I know Spikes is a ILB, but until Fletcher retires he could play SLB for us. And last but not least we need a Hard Nosed Saftey. Laron LAndry to me is a bust, he can't tackle, and he is horrible in the Passing game, to me that is what safteys are for, the passing game.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good Hard Faught Lose :(

Well our beloved Redskins played a great game today and for 55 minutes where the best team on the field. 2 of the 3 parts of the team played with heart and gave it their all, the only part that was missing today was the most important, Special Teams. The defense played amazing, even without Albert Haynesworth, Orakpo played well, and if he would have been able to pull down Romo the two times he had open sacks, we would be celebrating a win today. The Secondary played thier best game all year, until the last minutes of the game, but they shouldn't have been put in that position, as i will talk about later. Landry played very good, and in the second half definetly looked like the player we drafted him to be. The one player on that side of the ball that i have fallen in love with is Rocky McIntosh. He played with alot of emotion today, and should be voted to the probowl this year. Also, i beieve it is safe to say that Carlos Rogers is gone after this year. JT tryon should see the field more, great open field tackles. The offense played god, but definetly could be better. Way to many penalties. Jason actually looked good, not like a deer in the headlights. He moved well in the pocket and found the open man on many occasions. The o-line played ok, but we definetly need to get a new right tackle next off season, unless if samuels can come back, then move Jones to the right side. Edwin Williams needs to play more. And, the wide recievers made plays.Now for the Special Teams, Shuisam was are most valuable player at this point, but to miss two field goals in this game, and we lose by one.This lose is squarly on his shoulders.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


4th and inches inside the 25 and you try to run to the outside, the defenses in the NFL are to athletic to run to the outside on 4th and short. Pound it up the middle, we where only down by 3 go for the field goal, we are a bad team, playing a good team on a bad day, take the pionts when they are available. I think we can actually beat this team, in fact we just sacked Chris Simms on a 3rd and long, plus yeah Chris Simms is playing, so come on, step it up Skins, all of Redskins Nation needs a win today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

OK, A Buiding Block!!!!

Well, the Skins lost again, but they didn't go down with out a fight today. When it was 24-3 at the half, i thought about turning off the radio, but I didn't and i was suprised at how the offense fought back and got it to 24-17. But what really suprised me was how even though the defense has really caried us all season, they had a let down and let a huge TD run late in the 4th quarter. What ever was said at halftime though worked because it lit a fire under the entire teams butt. Now I am not saying expect a huge turnaround in the 2nd half of the season, but i do think that we can hang in these games against the best of the league and maybe win a couple and ruine other teams playoff chances. I still think that Stephon Heyer is a bum, but he played through a injury in the 2nd half and showed me that he would be a reliable backup, in case someone got hurt. And I am going to start doing my mock drafts , and right now, I know this is going to be annoying and not very popular with some Skins Fans, but I think that we do need a player like Tim Tebow on this team. He is firery, and passionate, and I think that the entire team would rally around his enthusiam next year. And that also means that Jon Gruden should be the next Head Coach.


Sitting here right now listening to the Redskins-Falcons game, and I can't help but think why we still have Stephon Heyer even in the starting lineup. He is by far the worst Offensive Lineman in the NFL, and the fact that the coaches refuse to do anything about it just makes me want to scream. They sign Levi Jones, a former Pro Bowl lineman, and we have him on the bench. It is not that hard to tell him just go out there and block the guy in front of you. Well it is for Heyer. I think it is funny that the Skins signed Mike Williams this offseason, a man who hasn't played for 3 years, and he is playing better than Heyer. I really can't wait until the offseason when we bring in a Head Coach who can come in here and completely rebuild this team from the inside-out. This is by far the worst team I have ever had to watch, I thought that the '93 Skins that went 3-13 was bad. At least that year the offense had heart and wanted to win. To me this team has already gave up on the season and only cares about not getting hurt and getting their money. This team has no want to, or even a need to mentality. I honestly want to give up on them, just like they have given up on all Redskins fans. But unlike them, my love for them won't let me, and that is the saddest thing of them all.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh Danny Boy

I am sitting here watching the pregame for the Skins-Eagles game, when all of a sudden a image of are beloved owner :( comes on the television screen smiling and having a good old time down on the field. If you say you feel bad for us as fans then why do you have a smile on your face. You should be in your box releshing in what you have done to our team, don't do it in front of our faces. You ust proved to me that you do not care about us, and as long as we are dumb enough to keep spending money to watch a mediocre product, you will keep doing what ever you want. Once you ose the fans though what are you going to do. For some wierd reason I think that Danny Boy is putting on a act. I am beggining to think he was never a Redskins fan, and he is trying to get the team to be so bad that he can move the team to Los Angeles. Look at the facts, every week there is a personality from Hollywood at the game. He is spending money on big name players that would love being in the spot light of Hollywood, just think about it.

Oh Danny Boy

I am sitting here watching the pregame for the Skins-Eagles game

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Redskins Management

I have been wanting to say this for a long time, but the real problem, as most Redskins fan's know, is the ownership. Dan Snyder is to much of a fan, and not enough of an owner. An owners job is to hire people to make the personel decisions. Look a tthe Raiders, how are they doing now. The only difference between these teams is that the Raiders actually were a dominate tea when Al Davis first bought the team. Dan Snyder just ruined this team. He thinks that his money can buy him championships. Well Danny Boy, it hasn't worked your first ten years what makes you think it will ever work. You need to do the right thing and hire a real GM, and not a puppet that will agree with every little decision you make, Vinny, thats you, you are not even suited to be a scout. I can imagine the final meeting before they hired Zorn to be thier, not our, head coach. Danny say's," This is the next Joe Gibbs, he will lead us to the promised land." Vinny replies,"But, Sir Mr. Daniel Snyder, the man who all men should be compared to, he is the greatest coach ever, we need to get him before the Raiders do. We don't need them getting the best kept secret in the NFL."
I Bet Snyder and Al Davis go on vacations together and plot new ways to ruin our beloved football teams. I will never give up on our Washington Redskins, but as long as Danny is the owner, we will be a mediocre joke. All he cares about is money. I read somewhere earlier that if Dan is such a excellent business man, why doesn't he except defeat and give the reins to some one who knows what they are doing. The answer is in the question itself. He is a business man, when do business man ever give up. They don't. And, this is why the Redskins fans are doomed to a such a long stetch of dispair.

Why do I waste my time?

That's all I can think of right now after another terrible performance today by my beloved Washington Redskins. In the last four games we have played teams with a combined 2-17 record, and we are 2-2 in those games and we have been out scored by 2 points in those games. The offense today was awful. They had 2 touchdowns, but both of them came of of turnovers which gave the Skins the ball at the 11 and 1 yard lines respectively. I think it is time that WE Redskin fans tand up against team management, and stop spending our hard earned money on a subpar product. This was a once proud team, and now the only thing we get to look forward to is what college player we are going to take and ruine their career by switching them to a position that they never played before. I don't understand why you would take a 4-3 d.end in college and switch him to a 4-3 SLB. He was the most dominate d-lineman in college last year, why take him out of his element, the touchdown pass to Jeff King today is a perfect example of why he needs his hand on the ground, getting after the QB every play. I listen to the games on the radio, because Sonny Jerguensen and Sam Huff actually make the excrutiating pain a little eaisier to deal with, but today was ust a joke, I am actually taking this game alot harder than the Lions game, at least we got dominated that day, today we litteraly let this game slip away.