Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good Hard Faught Lose :(

Well our beloved Redskins played a great game today and for 55 minutes where the best team on the field. 2 of the 3 parts of the team played with heart and gave it their all, the only part that was missing today was the most important, Special Teams. The defense played amazing, even without Albert Haynesworth, Orakpo played well, and if he would have been able to pull down Romo the two times he had open sacks, we would be celebrating a win today. The Secondary played thier best game all year, until the last minutes of the game, but they shouldn't have been put in that position, as i will talk about later. Landry played very good, and in the second half definetly looked like the player we drafted him to be. The one player on that side of the ball that i have fallen in love with is Rocky McIntosh. He played with alot of emotion today, and should be voted to the probowl this year. Also, i beieve it is safe to say that Carlos Rogers is gone after this year. JT tryon should see the field more, great open field tackles. The offense played god, but definetly could be better. Way to many penalties. Jason actually looked good, not like a deer in the headlights. He moved well in the pocket and found the open man on many occasions. The o-line played ok, but we definetly need to get a new right tackle next off season, unless if samuels can come back, then move Jones to the right side. Edwin Williams needs to play more. And, the wide recievers made plays.Now for the Special Teams, Shuisam was are most valuable player at this point, but to miss two field goals in this game, and we lose by one.This lose is squarly on his shoulders.

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