Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh Danny Boy

I am sitting here watching the pregame for the Skins-Eagles game, when all of a sudden a image of are beloved owner :( comes on the television screen smiling and having a good old time down on the field. If you say you feel bad for us as fans then why do you have a smile on your face. You should be in your box releshing in what you have done to our team, don't do it in front of our faces. You ust proved to me that you do not care about us, and as long as we are dumb enough to keep spending money to watch a mediocre product, you will keep doing what ever you want. Once you ose the fans though what are you going to do. For some wierd reason I think that Danny Boy is putting on a act. I am beggining to think he was never a Redskins fan, and he is trying to get the team to be so bad that he can move the team to Los Angeles. Look at the facts, every week there is a personality from Hollywood at the game. He is spending money on big name players that would love being in the spot light of Hollywood, just think about it.

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