Sunday, October 11, 2009

Redskins Management

I have been wanting to say this for a long time, but the real problem, as most Redskins fan's know, is the ownership. Dan Snyder is to much of a fan, and not enough of an owner. An owners job is to hire people to make the personel decisions. Look a tthe Raiders, how are they doing now. The only difference between these teams is that the Raiders actually were a dominate tea when Al Davis first bought the team. Dan Snyder just ruined this team. He thinks that his money can buy him championships. Well Danny Boy, it hasn't worked your first ten years what makes you think it will ever work. You need to do the right thing and hire a real GM, and not a puppet that will agree with every little decision you make, Vinny, thats you, you are not even suited to be a scout. I can imagine the final meeting before they hired Zorn to be thier, not our, head coach. Danny say's," This is the next Joe Gibbs, he will lead us to the promised land." Vinny replies,"But, Sir Mr. Daniel Snyder, the man who all men should be compared to, he is the greatest coach ever, we need to get him before the Raiders do. We don't need them getting the best kept secret in the NFL."
I Bet Snyder and Al Davis go on vacations together and plot new ways to ruin our beloved football teams. I will never give up on our Washington Redskins, but as long as Danny is the owner, we will be a mediocre joke. All he cares about is money. I read somewhere earlier that if Dan is such a excellent business man, why doesn't he except defeat and give the reins to some one who knows what they are doing. The answer is in the question itself. He is a business man, when do business man ever give up. They don't. And, this is why the Redskins fans are doomed to a such a long stetch of dispair.

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