Sunday, December 6, 2009


shaun shuisam, u asshole, how in the hell do you miss a 23 yard field goal that would give you the win against the best team in the league. I really hate you, 3 straight weeks, 3 straight weeks we were the best team on the field, 3 straight weeks we dominate, 3 straight weeks all we need is you to make a play, and you shit all over my heart. This was the best games the SKINS have played in 3 years, and you just freakin say hey, i'm gonna take a masive dump on everyone that bleeds Burgandy and Gold. Agains dallas, we lose 7-6, u miss 2 field goals, against phily, u kick the ball out of bounds late in the game that led to the game winning touchdown, and today against the 11-0 saints, u shit all over me heart and soul, i really hate u man.

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