Sunday, November 8, 2009

OK, A Buiding Block!!!!

Well, the Skins lost again, but they didn't go down with out a fight today. When it was 24-3 at the half, i thought about turning off the radio, but I didn't and i was suprised at how the offense fought back and got it to 24-17. But what really suprised me was how even though the defense has really caried us all season, they had a let down and let a huge TD run late in the 4th quarter. What ever was said at halftime though worked because it lit a fire under the entire teams butt. Now I am not saying expect a huge turnaround in the 2nd half of the season, but i do think that we can hang in these games against the best of the league and maybe win a couple and ruine other teams playoff chances. I still think that Stephon Heyer is a bum, but he played through a injury in the 2nd half and showed me that he would be a reliable backup, in case someone got hurt. And I am going to start doing my mock drafts , and right now, I know this is going to be annoying and not very popular with some Skins Fans, but I think that we do need a player like Tim Tebow on this team. He is firery, and passionate, and I think that the entire team would rally around his enthusiam next year. And that also means that Jon Gruden should be the next Head Coach.

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