Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Lonely Feeling is Still Here

Well I am still hurting from this weekends lose to the Eagles. Another game that we had dominated on both sides of the ball, until it mattered most, the 4th quarter. I can't believe that you can go from literally giving up no yards passing the entire game, to ,on one drive, giving up 90 yards on 5 plays. Why would you play the prevent defense so early in the 4th quarter, or even at all. The prevent defense does one thing for you, prevents you from winning. These last two games, even though loses, give me hope for next year. The Redskins are clearly only a few pieces away from being a contender again. The number one thing they need is a good GM. We need a real football guy calling the shots, why do we need to spend $150 million, on 3 players when you can spend the same amount of money on 7-8 players, we need good players, not one great one. The next thing we need is a run based Head Coach. We have 3 good running backs, I think that Bill Cowher needs to be on the top of our lidt, and if not him, bring in the original "HOG", Russ Grimm to lead this team. You know one thig, if he is our head coach, we will definitely be a hard nosed team. Then we need a Right tackle to protect who ever our quarterback is. If we draft a QB this year, we need a O-Line that can help his progress, not ruin it. Then we need a QB, I don't care who it is, at this point it is not Jason Campbell, but if he plays like he has these last two and a half games, the rest of the season he should be the QB next year, no matter what are final record is. And I don't know how people will take this, but I really think we need a SLB. We need to put Orakpo on the line, let him do what he does best every play. Yes he has showed some promise these last couple games, but come on, if we can get a Brandon Spikes, or a Travis Lewis in the draft, do it. Yeah I know Spikes is a ILB, but until Fletcher retires he could play SLB for us. And last but not least we need a Hard Nosed Saftey. Laron LAndry to me is a bust, he can't tackle, and he is horrible in the Passing game, to me that is what safteys are for, the passing game.

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