Thursday, December 3, 2009

It is that time to start!!!

And by that I mean doing my NFL Draft reviews, starting in mid-December I am going to start previewing the players that I think the Redskins should look at by round. And I am going to start this week by just going over the players that I think would really help the Redskins next year. First off I want to focus on is the O-Line, it all depends on the status of Chris Samuels after the season is over. If he can play then i don't think we really need to focus on the line because we can simply move Levi Jones to the right side. But, if Chris is forced into retirement then I think we need to look at one of the top Left Tackles in the draft. Russell Okung will probably be off the board within the top 3 picks, so we will need to look hard at Bruce Campbell and Jason Fox. Fox really isn't in the talk of a first round pick right now, but I think a strong showing in his bowl game, the senior bowl and the NFL Combine, I think he will sky rocket into the talk of the best tackles in the draft. I also think that we need to look at QB, and really I don't see a top 10 QB in this draft class right now. Jimmy Clausen will be leaving since Charlie Weis was fired as Notre Dames Head Coach, but I still don't see him as a top 10 pick. Sam Bradfords Draft Ranking will depend solely on his Combine performance. And the sleeper here I think is Tony Pike, they say his arm doesn't transelate to the NFL, but he wins games, and has great leadership qualaties. I am still on the fence on Tim Tebow. Another person to keep an ear out for is Nathan Enderle, QB for the Idaho Vandals. He is over 6'5", and has a rocket for an arm. Now for the defense, I think we need to look at an OLB. Like I said in my last post, Orakpo is a true D-End, we need a SLB. And a Saftey to help Laron Landry, If Eric Berry some how falls to us, I think it will take Danny Boy less than the 13 seconds it took him to get the Orakpo pick in last year.

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